Kelly + Kyle . Married. Point Reyes, CAAugust 22, 2012

Kelly met Kyle when she moved to his hometown of Houston to join the Houston Ballet. As I understand, a co-ed softball team and some shared connections had something to do with bringing them together. And really, they couldn’t be a better match. Kelly and Kyle have this calm about them, and confidence in their love, that shines through in the images we created.

Their intimate 70 person wedding took place at Manka’s Inverness Lodge in Inverness, part of the Point Reyes Seashore. I had so much fun hanging out with Kelly and her friends as they got ready — and yes, I pinched myself several times — real life ballerinas! You can trust that this extended to the dance floor where everyone, ballet dancer or not, let loose and danced until the end.

Other highlights included the incredible food at Manka’s (and thanks for taking care of your vegan photographer, you two! Best food ever), witnessing two very close knit families celebrate and embrace the bride and groom like I’ve never seen before, a touching and upbeat toast-song by their talented friend Noni, and simply the most beautiful surroundings I’ve seen in some time. Oh, and I should mention, some pretty rad grandmas.

All of my congratulations to Kelly and Kyle as they begin their lives together — and gratitude for including me in your day. Please enjoy the story below.