Preview: Natalie + SethSeptember 23, 2012

Can’t even begin to tell you about the incredible time we had with Natalie, Seth, and their family and friends this weekend at Coyote Ranch, so please enjoy a few preview images below. I also want to share a very special email we received late last night from Natalie’s dad, Brian. Rhett and I read it out loud and both of us teared up. This is exactly why we do it, this is why we love it.

Kelly and Rhett,

Life is funny, you never know when you will meet the most awesome, genuine, kind, loving people. I met them at my daughters wedding.
To say I was impressed with your photography would be a huge understatement and that’s not what I was most impressed with. You very rarely meet people who you feel comfortable with right away but you guys I loved right away, you are two very special people. You made Natalie and Seth’s wedding so so special and it will be your pictures that will remind her and us and her children of that magical day.
I’m sitting here trying to find the words to let you know how much I appreciated and just really enjoyed you guys and I can’t. So I will just say Thank You for being you, I think life is about being real and just loving everyone you can, doing the best you can and that’s about it, you two exude all those qualities. Thanks so much for sharing that very special day with us, Natalie and Seth really love you guys and some day when your little girl is getting married you will truly understand just how much joy all your photos have brought so many people. I hope you can find photographers / awesome people as good as you guys to be there that day for you.

With all my love, Brian